Stuart Goes to Mommy's Work is the "Stuart Larkin" sketches, where Doreen brings Stuart to work with her, and Stuart annoys her co-worker, Linda.

SynopsisLinda (Nicole Sullivan) is late to work. She walks in her boss' (Mr. Kimp, and is played by Will Sasso) office. Mr. Kimp tells Linda that she is late again. Linda tells Mr. Kimp that she knows that, but her car got a flat tire, and she was forced to walk to work. Mr. Kimp interrupts her and tells Linda to "save it". The audience laughs. Mr. Kimp tells Linda that if she is late one more time, he is going to have to let Linda go. He asks Linda if she has got that report ready for him. Linda tells her boss that she just needs to make a few changes. Mr. Kimp interrupts her again, and tells her to hurry, then walks out of his office.

Linda says hi to Doreen. Doreen, surprised, says hi to Linda. The audience cheers loudly and gives Doreen an uproarious applauce. Doreen starts "tsk"ing. Linda tells Doreen that it looks like that it is going to be "one of those days". Doreen tells Linda that she knows what she means. She tells her that her son's (Stuart) child care called this morning, and apparently, there was a bombscare. Linda says that that is horrible. She asks Doreen where Stuart is.

Stuart reveals himself to the audience by getting out from under Linda's desk, saying, "I'm right here!", holding a Kit-Kat bar. The audience gives Stuart a loud cheer and an uproarious applauce.

Doreen asks Stuart where he got that Kit-Kat bar. Stuart doesn't answer. Doreen asks Stuart where he got that Kit-Kat bar again. Stuart replies. Doreen .