"Stuart Gets a Rival" is a sketch that aired on November 17, 2001 in the seventh episode of Season 7 of MADtv.


When Doreen's friend Betsy brings over her newborn baby and takes away all of the attention from Stuart, he becomes extremely jealous of the baby and does several things to get his mother and the rest of her friends' attention, such as dancing around, drinking coffee, and hammering the end table, as well as spitting up his Bundt cake to imitate the baby spitting up. Betsy resolves to fix the jealousy by having Stuart hold the baby and bond with him. While they go to find a camera to take a picture of Stuart and the baby, he fixates on a fire poker, the hammer, and the cake cutter, implying murderous thoughts to kill the baby. However, it sneezes and Stuart becomes excited, saying "bless you" and smiling as his mother takes a picture of the two of them.

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