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Lorraine Swanson (Mo Collins) is an unintelligent, confused, middle-aged, elderly woman from Fridley, Minnesota, who gets into trouble when failing to comply with people's instructions. Lorraine wears high, elastic-waist jeans, which she tucks her shirt. Lorraine also wears an unbuttoned knit sweater (usually red) and her trademark oversized thick glasses. She speaks with a very thick Midwestern accent.Lorraine has many dogs and a huge family, including her obese husband, Carl Swanson, Sr. (Paul Vogt), and her overweight son, Carl Swanson, Jr., both of who videotape her zany exploits. Lorraine very rarely, but indeed, runs nude and/or has run-ins with the police, during these tapings. it should be noted that she has a remarkable ability of finding the worth of objects, as seen on a sketch, where Lorraine participates in The Price is Right. Lorraine also has a daughter named Bobby Swanson (Bobby Lee) and another son named Lil' Mo, only seen in "Lorraine Goes Camping."

Every sketch features a certain word, that Lorraine cannot pronounce; she repeatedly interrupts the other character's correct pronunciation several times before going Lorraine was once in a Lady Marmalade parody, involving the ladies of Lorraine Swanson, Dot Goddard, Melina Jacinto and Ms. Swan.


  • "Uh-huh-huh-huh!".
  • "Gaaaaawd, that's/you're cute.".

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