Lawrence "Larry" Felmore is a short-tempered, knowledgeable, sarcastic, celebrity-obsessed geek.

Larry gets very angry whenever people insult his favorite actors. He will often eavesdrop on conversations and loudly interrupt, saying the actor they are insulting is amazing.

Larry usually wears a pink long-sleeved suit with a brown jacket with white fur over it, long brown pants, and black shoes.

Larry works at a concession stand at a movie theater and a DVD store.

Larry tends to cause riots (such as throwing candy bars, screaming at people, and even pointing a loaded sub-machine gun).

Even though it may seem like Larry is the only person out there like that, he met a woman named Carrie in "Celebrity Obsessed 2," who is just like him, and fell in love.

Larry lives in his mother's basement at home.

Larry usually threatens people that he will break their noses, or blow their heads off with his loaded sub-machine gun.

Larry's catchphrase is "Shut your fat, stupid mouths!".

He is played by Michael McDonald.