is a short-tempered Mexican man, who just moved to America from Mexico.

Jorge used to work at a "Mexican" restaurant (presumably modeled after "El Pollo Loco") with his boss and manager, Loretta, a put-upon black woman with a nicotine addiction.

Usually, whenever Jorge is done talking, he puts his hands up and points to someone and sighs deeply.

Disgusted by the meal choices and cooking procedures at the restaurant, Jorge recited long, overly dramatic soliloquies about his Mexican heritage.

Jorge was highly offended by the way the restaurant butchers Mexican culture and food, and displays his anger very openly on customers by assaulting them by telling them off, or attacking them (for example, whenever a customer ordered "cinnatwists" from the menu, Jorge brandished a knife from his boot and stabbed the customer, as shown in "Taco Hell") whenever they pronounce any Spanish word wrong, or order an inauthentic menu item. Loretta yelled, "Jorge!" (her catch phrase) whenever he assaulted the customers (also, whenever Jorge was assaulting the customers and was caught by Loretta, he quickly got back to the prep line and pretended to push the oven buttons (in "Taco Hell"), or pretends to mix (in "Taco Hell 2"). However, Loretta told Jorge to stop doing the fake stuff, proving that Loretta was smarter than Jorge. Loretta tried unsuccessfully to stop Jorge, but can't (due to Loretta's urges to go outside to have a cigarette).

Jorge had long, black shining hair, that he flipped during his soliloquies. Jorge wore a green short-sleeved work shirt with a collar on the neck, a necklace with the Cross on it, and a small black sign that had his name on it, long black pants, and black shoes.

Jorge . He is played by Keegan-Michael Key.