Bon Qui Qui (Anjelah Johnson) is a stereotypical urban Latina, who is confused

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Bon Qui Qui

by seemingly not so complicated things. She works at King Burger, which is a parody of Burger King, as part of the Out of the Hood program, according to her manager, Mr. Williams (Michael McDonald). The only customer she recognizes in her one-time appearance is her presumed boyfriend (Keegan-Michael Key), who is under house arrest, but sneaking out to purchase a meal and visit Bon Qui Qui.

She is often seen talking on the phone and using threatening slang. One of her catchphrases is "Can't you see I'm in the middle of a conversation/order? Don't interrupt. Rude!", if distracted by a customer.

Another of her catchphrases is "Security!", which she says when a customer has a "complicated" order, such as a character's order of a number three with no cheese, lettuce or tomato. When he changes his mind, Bon Qui Qui calls security.

She also tends to beatbox and use freestyle rap on the microphone, which annoys Mr. Williams and her co-workers.